4 female students expelled from Kebbi college of Education over lesbianism

Kebbi State College of Science and Technology in Jega,  have expelled 4 female students  for engaging in lesbianism.


Confirming the expulsion notice, the provost of the newly upgraded institution, Alhaji Aminu Dakingari, said the female students were caught red-handed in the act by the school’s security personnel and cleaners.


The provost of the institution who further revealed that the two of the female students are from Kotangora in Niger State while two others are from Kebbi and Sokoto respectively, said they were expelled after they were found guilty by the disciplinary committee set up by the school authority.

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Alhaji Aminu Dakingari also claimed that the female students resorted to threatening his life, after being expelled.

“The students confessed to the committee that they committed the crime and we just have to expel them from the school”, he said.

“They resorted to threatening my life through text messages but the security agents were able to rescue me from them,” he added.

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