5 reasons why most Hardworking people are poor (Know the secret)

5 reasons why most Hardworking people are poor (Know the secret)

I remember growing up in the village and being called lazy by my parents and Siblings just because i couldn’t do much of physical work,be hardworking was a good advice those days because,most professions of the day like farming and hunting requires physical strength.

In todays world however,most people with physical strength are broke and there are five reasons for that.

The reasons are listed and explained below!!

  • Hardworking people usually depend more on their bones

Because of how our forefathers lived,at the time when physical strength is the most important for war,hunting and farming,they had pay attentions to only physical fitness and advice there children to be hardworking,meaning to work physically hard.As the world changes,we no longer need to fight every day for our survival nor do we need to be hunters or use physical strength for farming. Instead,we need innovations and improvements and thats what we are willing to pay for.

The problem with the people who have much physical strength is that they are likely to believe that they have something very significant especially if they grew up in an environment where they were praised for hard labor because,these people think that they have strong bones,they are more likely to pay less attention to there brains,which is their thinking power.

A hardworking person simply believes he can work his way into success but,that is not true.

Whats the truth? the era of bone is gone,we are in the era of brain.it no longer matters how hard you can work but,how hard you can think..Consider the following below,

whatsapp is a mobile application created in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum and sold for facebook in the year 2014 for 19 billion dollars.


Youtube was a platform created Chad Hurley Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in the year 2005 and sold for Youtube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars.

How long or hard can you work to earn 19 billion dollars,How long or hard can you work to save 1.65 billion dollars.Stop depending so much on your physical strength,start building and depending on your mental strength,because the world has changed,its no longer about bones,its now about brains.

  • Hardworking people sell a very limited resource

I know a man who lived and worked very hard in the united states for 20 years and still remains broke,thats not a big deal,because 70% of america adults lives from pay cheque to pay cheque.but,why is it so? this is so because,many hardworking people are selling a very limited resource(Time).

Selling time in exchange for money is the worst financial strategy and thats what most people do.

The rich don’t sell their time,they sell value.The difference is this,time is limited,value is not,because,it can easily be duplicated.

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let me give you some examples;McDonald’s was founded on the 15th of April,1955 by Ray Kroc.From that single man and single location McDonald was duplicated to 5,669 companies owned locations and 31,230 franchise across the globe.this is only possible because McDonald is a value so,it’s easy to duplicate.Hence, you can make limited amount of money from the process.

Here is another example; Microsoft is a software company and the meaning of that is the company can create a valuable software and duplicate it into 50 million copies then,make billions of dollars along the line.

Look at your iphones,your cloths and your cars,they are all single creation duplicated in millions.the guys who designed them only worked hard for a period of time and delegate to work of duplication for years and years to come.thats how the rich make money and this is only made possible because the rich sell value not time.you can’t duplicate your time because,you can’t have 25 hours a day.so,if you are selling your time for money,you can’t be rich no matter how hard you work.

What is the way out? if you learn how to solve human problems by creating values through a product or service then,you can duplicate your solutions into millions other copies and make limited money along the line .

  • Hard work prevent you from thinking

Jim Rohn once said,work harder on yourself than you work on your job,the problem with working hard is that, you will have no time for self development nor will you have much time to think.

Henry Ford said,thinking is the hardest work and thats why only few people do it.job shouldn’t be your hardest work,self development and thinking should be.Do i mean you shouldn’t work hard ? No!, i simply mean you should work on the right thing,work hard to improve your mind,take time for meditation and creative thinking.

If you are so busy on working a job or business you have no time of being alone with yourself, to think and evaluate your life then,you can’t be rich no matter how hard you work.

  • Hard work stops you from getting financial education

Robert Kiyosaki said, the problem with jobs is that,it keeps you from getting rich.The problem with jobs isn’t about the low pay because,there are many jobs that pays really well,the real problem is that you hardly have time to get financial education.

I know a man who rarely have time to sit with his wife because,his working hard to make more money,the problem about this is that the less you know about money,the poorer you become.You are as rich as how much you know about money. you want more money ? then, increase your financial education,read or listen to audio books about money 30mins every day for the next one year and tell me what happens to you.

Unfortunately,most people are too busy looking for money and they can’t learn about how money works.

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  • You can’t build wealth with two hands

Most people have two hands,i’m yet to see a man with ten hands and thats the problem,with two hands and one brain what we can do is very limited.Let me explain,you see,you can never see any rich person who doesn’t have tens or hundreds of people working for him,the reason is because,you can’t be rich with two hands and one brain.you need hundreds of hands and tens of brains to create wealth.

Whats the way out ? leverage! leverage!!. Leverage is what makes the rich,rich.You must learn how to use other people’s hand and brains and resource if you want to be rich,stop depending on your bones,improve your brain power instead.Work harder on yourself than,you work on your job. And beware of selling time and sell value instead.

Thank you, for reading..

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