8 things you should do to help keep your relationship fresh and stronger for a life time

things that make a relationship fresh and stronger

Happy relationship isn’t the result of having lots of things in common—as we often think. It comes from knowing the vital roles both parties play on  how to address their core differences in a way that supports each other’s needs and dreams.

Their are some roles you play in a relationship that matters more than others.

The connection and love between couple gets stronger and deeper depending on the vital roles both parties play in a relationship

From the phrase above it has shown that both parties have vital roles to play in order to keep a relationship fresh and stronger.

but, the question is, what are these roles couple should play or things they should do to keep their relationship fresh and stronger for a lifetime?

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For years now, we’ve been able to discover what separates the masters of relationship from the disasters. Below are eight things you should do to help keep your relationship fresh and stronger for a life time:

  1. Trust and Commitment. Trust is cherishing each other and showing your partner that you can be counted on. Choosing commitment means accepting your partner exactly as he or she is, despite their flaws.
  2. Conflict. Conflict happens in every relationship, and it’s a myth to believe that in a happy relationship you’ll get along all the time. Relationship conflict serves a purpose. It’s an opportunity to get to know your partner better and to develop deeper intimacy as you talk about and work through your differences.
  3. Sex and Intimacy. Romantic, intimate rituals of connection keep a relationship happy and passionate. Couples who talk about sex have more sex, but talking about sex is difficult for the majority of couples—it gets easier and more comfortable the more you do it.
  4. Work and Money. Money issues aren’t about money. They’re about what money means to each partner in a relationship. Discovering what money means to both of you will go a long way in resolving the conflicts you may have around money.
  5. Family. Approximately two-thirds of couples have a sharp drop in relationship satisfaction shortly after a child is born, and this drop gets deeper with each subsequent child. To avoid this drop in relationship happiness, conflict needs to be low and you need to maintain your sexual relationship.
  6. Fun and Adventure. Play and adventure are vital components to a successful and joyful relationship. It’s okay if you and your partner have different ideas about what constitutes play and adventure. The key is for you to respect each other’s sense of adventure and what it means to that partner.
  7. Growth and Spirituality. The only constant in a relationship is change. The key is how each person in the relationship accommodates the growth of the other partner. Relationships can be more than just two individuals coming together—they can be stories of transformation and great contribution and meaning to the world.
  8. Dreams. Honoring each other’s dreams is the secret ingredient to creating love for a lifetime. When dreams are honored, everything else in the relationship gets easier.

Every strong relationship is as a result of both parties understanding their core differences in a way that supports each other’s needs and dreams.

This content will guide you through on how to do the needful in your relationship.

I’m also using this time to remind you that it’s never too soon, or too late, to start doing the needful to build that tasteful and healthy relationship you have long wanted.

Thanks for Reading,I hope the above information helps!




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