Here are 3 Important Signs To know if your lover is cheating on you [Must Read]

Here are 3 Important Signs To know if your lover is cheating on you [Must Read]

If you have always suspected that your lover is cheating on you with another person, these are signs to look out for.

When your partner starts treating you differently, spends less time with you, is secretive and puts less time with you, chances are he/she is cheating on you.

Here are 3 signs your partner is cheating on you:

1. Is Your Partner Over Protective With His/Her Phone?

When your partner is overly protective of their phone, watch their behavior. Do they tend to be secretive?

Do they delete their messages and phone call history? This might be an indication they are cheating and seriously hiding something away from you.

This is the most important sign to know if you partner is cheating on you at this point in time.


2. When Your Partner Stop Doing What They Normally Do

When your partner’s routine changes and they start giving excuse to be away from you, it is probably to spend time with the other person.

Do you normally ask her to come over to your place and she comes without any excuses before but now she’s always giving excuses not to come? Then, he/she is definitely seeing someone else.

He/She no longer do those things you enjoy? Then, you should be afraid, someone is already helping your partner

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3. Your Partner No Longer Has Time For You Or Careless

If your partner suddenly has less time for you and they are no more affectionate, this might be an indication that they cheating.

If you notice they receive or buy gifts and overall change in behavior whereby they pick up fight with you easily, hey they must be cheating on you.

The End!!

Take note of all these in your Relationship.






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