“How I make money selling my sex videos on SnapChat” –Jodie Carnall

“How I make money selling my sex videos on SnapChat” –Jodie Carnall

A model has revealed how she rakes lots of money in a month by selling her sex videos on Snapchat, just after she resigned from her day job.

Jodie Carnall refers to herself as a Snapchat Premium girl and charges a monthly fee of between £20 and £200 to her subscribers and makes up to £4,000 a month.

She told the BBC she also advertises her services on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The reality star started selling explicit content of herself when men began contacting her online after she appeared on the ITV dating show in 2016.

Jodie, who also starred on Coach Trip, said:

“It’s like a proper business. It’s like people that sing, or go and gig, or artists that sell their own paintings. I’m just selling pictures and videos of me.”

She added:

“I’m not an escort. I’ve been offered thousands of pounds to meet men and I say ‘no’.”

But she admits to getting abuse for her sexy displays.

Jodie added:

“People call me ‘slut’ and things like that. And it does upset me. I get a message like that every hour, or every half an hour, all day long.”

But she said she wouldn’t trade her line of work saying she was “miserable in my office job, and I love the money.”

Snapchat said it does not allow “pornographic content” and will remove any reported.

It said in a statement:

“Accounts that privately distribute pornographic content are an intentional abuse of the terms of service of our platform. “We remove them when reported.”

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