Let’s talk!!How Would You Tell Your Friend If He/She Has Body Odour?

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Hello Guys!

Hope you guys are having a nice day?

i just want to share with you the terrible experience i had today

Something happened in a taxi that took me to work this morning

Men!! the thing was so terrible that i started sneezing unnecessary

What was the cause of my unnecessary sneezing is what you will ask right?

It was a guy ooh,that entered the taxi.as soon as he sat down on his seat everywhere started smelling,he smells so bad that everyone in that taxi started looking at one another,with loud voices telling the driver to roll down the glasses of the car…men!!it was really bad.

My questions now are,does the guy know he has something like that on his body?

even when he pretends not to  know about it,what about his friends? do they have  faulty nostrils not to perceive the smell from their friend body.if they know about it,why didn’t they tell him he has such an odour or advice him to go for treatment or did you think they have done that but,the guy took their advice as an insult upon himself and decide not to do anything about it?

Well!!i dont know.

Now to you guys,if you are a friend to this young man,would you tell him he has such an odour and How Would You Tell him he has a body odour?

Drop your answers below in the comment box!

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