I Will Die If I Don’t Have Sex In A Day – Prophet Osei Kumchacha Reveals

I Will Die If I Don’t Have Sex In A Day – Prophet Osei Kumchacha Reveals

Prophet Nicholas Osei the founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry,  has admitted he is a sex addict and can hardly live without indulging in the act even for a day.

He believes it will amount to death if he decides to make such a resolution adding that he is a dreaded sex addict with several skills in bed which are known to his wife.

“I have 35 styles, so you can’t be my wife and be saying you’re tired of having sex; no matter how tired you are, you must avail yourself to me anytime I want it”, he revealed. According to him, the sole duty of a wife is to satisfy the husband in bed and any woman who does the contrary is bound for hell fire.

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“But for sex, wives wouldn’t be necessary, because apart from sex, there’s nothing that I can’t do for myself or get my mother, sister or aunt to do for me”. He justified.

He also indicated that God created women only to cook for men because men are not so good at cooking, which is the reason God gave that quality to women. Although he could not prove where in the bible God made women cook, he insisted that cooking is the calling of women.





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