It’s an insult being a 2 minutes man, See the reasons why you don’t last long in bed

reasons why some men don't last long in bed during sex.

Hello guys,

I think is high time we discuss the reasons why some men don’t last long in bed during sex.

You met a very beautiful and attractive girl that captured your heart with her beauty.As a bad guy that you are,you wasted no time but,walked up to her to let her know how she makes you feel.with your magical words,you were able to convinced her that your feelings for her is true and she accepted to run things with you.

In the process your feelings for each other grew stronger and she finally want to have sex with you.

You two start making out and your clothes starts flying, then you get an erection. Slowly she grabs your dick and slides it into her. And you gave just five thrusts and bam! You cum all over her. Or probably you did’t even go up to 5 thrusts before you ejaculated.

Shit!!that’s really a bad story and a fuck up to you.I’ve even heard of cases where guys ejaculates even without penetrating a woman at all ? they just gets their dicks close to a woman’s body and in all the excitement, BAM! they cums without as much as penetrating the girl at all.

If all this happens to you,You won’t be called a real man but,a 2 minutes man.As a 2 minutes man your woman would always cheat on you.

Just imagine that!!A woman you love cheating on you because you couldn’t satisfy her sexually.

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But,don’t worry there are reasons why you don’t last long in bed.

Know the reasons and put a stop to them.

Below are some reasons why you do not last long in bed


  • When you feel so excited having sex
  • When you allow pleasure to get over your head during sex
  • When  your body is stressed up,you find it difficult  to function well because you bones,muscles,veins are damn weak
  • When you over feed yourself 30mins before sex
  • When you worry about ejaculating too early
  • When you Masturbate often
  • When you lack fitness
  • when your sexual organs lack the necessary nutrients

Try to avoid all these and watch yourself perform good in bed when next you meet her.


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