Men, Beware!!! These practices listed below are the causes of your sexual problems

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 My Name is Desmond Olayinka who used to be a one Minute Man like most Nigerian Men, almost lost my beautiful wife due to this problem.

That was when I started researching and trying everything out there, its all now history as have now solved the one Minute riddle, I now last More than 30 minutes every time I have sex with my wife and now am out to help as much Nigerian Men out of this problem too Over 2000 Nigerian Men have had great results taking My advice and saved their marriage”

I have practiced as a doctor for over fifteen years now, and I have come across all sorts of ailments in Men.

No health problem gives Men the kind of panic and stress and embarrassment that sexual defects such as weak erection, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and others like them can cause.

In the waiting room, they sweat over it, and while being examined, you see the anguish on their faces.

Based on diagnosis and Research, these sexual defects and challenges are caused by one or More of many factors such as….

  • Excess consumption of pastries (buns, puffpuff,etc)
  •  Excess alcohol
  •  Lack of exercise Too much sugar Consistent consumption of soft drinks(juice, soda,etc)Pornography and Masturbation
  • Lack of Sleep


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