Reasons to Start Your Own Business and be a Boss

Reasons to Start Your Own Business and be a Boss

Some people are destined to be entrepreneurs. From the time they get through school, or maybe even before that, they’re hungry to start a business and lead it to success, and they’ll stop at nothing to make that dream a reality.

For others, starting a business is a scary, intimidating notion. Some believed not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, which i so much disagree with them(In my next article in Business,i will show you how the world was designed for everyone to be an entrepreneur but, was later manipulated by the wise ones who created white collar jobs for the lazy minded to work for them.)

Since you are scared of establishing your own business and take risks to be a Successful Business man, i will show you benefits attached to entrepreneurship, by then you be convinced there is no world as beautiful than the world of an Entrepreneur.

Below are benefits and 50 Reasons to Start Your Own Business:-

1. Flexibility. Work your own hours.


2. More spare time (eventually). Spend more time with your family and friends. But note: This is only applicable once your business is established and you have employees handling the majority of necessary responsibilities. Don’t expect to have more spare time until you reach this point. In fact, expect to have much less.


3. Call the shots. Nobody else is going to set the rules. You are.


4. Set your own deadlines. No more last-minute rushing unless you want to do it.


5. Sell how you want to sell. Online? In person? Inbound? Outbound? It’s your call.


6. Create your own environment. You can set the formality and culture of your organization.


7. Pursue your passion. You can do what makes you happy.


8. Create something from scratch. Watch your organization grow from start to finish.


9. Meet new people. Network with other entrepreneurs and professionals.


10. Build a team. You decide who to hire and bring into your company not someone deciding who you work with and who you don’t work with in an organization.


11. Create jobs. Improve the economy with new job opportunities.


12. Help people. Use products and services to improve people’s lives.


13. Become an expert. Learn the ropes of your industry through first-hand experience.


14. Invest in yourself. You take the risk, and you’ll gain the rewards.


15. Make more money. If you want a pay raise, you can give yourself one.


16. Financial independence. No one else is signing your paychecks.


17. Tax benefits. Write off your biggest expenses Note: while you do get to write off lots of expenses as an entrepreneur, beware the “self employment tax.”


18. New challenges every day. Find new ways to stimulate your mind.


19. Get exposed to new cultures. Discover new perspectives and approaches.


20. Discover new fields. Delve deeper into your industry.


21. Create an asset. Give yourself something sellable to hedge your bets.


22. Connect with your clients. Forge real, personal connections.


23. Delegate boring tasks. Don’t do anything you don’t want to.


24. You can stop working. Work you enjoy doing can’t be described as “work.”


25. The power to give. Have the power and flexibility to donate time or money to worthy causes.


26. Get involved in the community. Participate actively in your neighborhood and region.


27. Improve your industry. Push your industry forward with new innovations and ideas.


28. Get a mentor. Meet valuable, insightful mentors and learn from them.


29. Become a mentor. Take your own knowledge and experience, and mentor someone else.


30. Learn new skills. Branch out in new departments.


31. Attend new classes and seminars. Constantly refine your skillset and stay updated.


32. Have a big office. If you want the biggest office in your workplace, it’s yours.


33. Work from anywhere. Work from home, an office or a beach if you so choose.


34. Have the option for multiple ventures. Start another business when you’re done with this one.


35. Gain entrepreneurial experience. Being an entrepreneur makes you a better professional in almost any position.


36. Get recognized. Start earning name recognition and build a reputation.


37. Get things done faster. Set your own efficiency rates.


38. Build a personal brand. Take the time to develop your personal brand, and tie it into your business’s.


39. Get more creative. Create your own opportunities and your own solutions.


40. Inspire others. Serve as an example for other people to follow their dreams.


41. Reduce your commute. Find an office space closer to your home.


42. Have more job stability. Never worry about being laid off or fired.


43. Find pride and fulfillment. Finally start taking pride in the work you’re doing.


44. Reach your dreams. If you’ve ever dreamed of being wildly successful, this is your chance.


45. Learn to embrace failure. Even if you fail, you’ll walk away with new skills and more experience you never had before.


46. Have a great story to tell. It will be a fun story for your grandchildren one day, win or lose.


47. Leave something behind. Pass the business down to your children and grandchildren.

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48. Change the world. It may seem like a lofty goal for you right now, but your business really could change the world.


49. Resources are plentiful. With the dominance of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find resources you need, including startup capital, loans, grants and even mentors.


50. There’s nothing stopping you. What’s really keeping you from being an entrepreneur? Of course there are risks, but there’s nothing forcing you not to take them.


If you want to become an entrepreneur, there’s nothing really holding you back. Take the leap, and lead the company you’ve always wanted.


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