See what Popular Nigerian Comedian Basketmouth is saying about Pant Rituals in Nigeria(Video)

basketmouth pleads to stop pant rituals in Nigeria

With the rate pant rituals trended last year and early this year in Nigeria,Girls are now afraid to put on panties when ever they are to pay visit to their boyfriends,some have stopped putting on panties to walk on streets while,some have decided not to put on panties any longer whether being at home,walking on streets or even on a visit to anyone,all in the fear of pant rituals.
Pant rituals have become a very huge problem to girls and to the pants market in Nigeria,reasons are most girls are at risk when not putting on panties to occasions or being at home without pants because,this could grant easy access to rapists to succeed on any mission on girls.
The pant rituals have also affected the pants marketers in Nigeria because,there have being low purchase of pants ever since this pant rituals came up.

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Ever since the existence of this demonic act,Some concerned citizens have being trying to minimize the rate of pant rituals in the country through different platforms.
Nigerians celebrities are not left out in the fight against pant rituals as one of Nigerian popular comedian Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basketmouth has taken on his instagram page to plead to pants ritualists to stop the act, in order to restore progress to Nigerians pants market and bring peace of mind to girls living in this part of the globe.
And he also used the same medium to plead and advised pants ritualists not to extend their rituals towards cloths(Cloths ritual) because,that will affect him and his family badly as his wife is a dealer in the clothing line..

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