So Shameful: Girl rejects Boyfriend’s Marriage proposal in public (Video)

Girl rejects Boyfriend's Marriage proposal in public

Is a very  good thing to fall in love and at the same time trust the person you fell in love with but,sometimes you could end up heart broken and in shame when you love and trust your partner so well thinking he or she loves and cherish you the same way you do. 

The statement above is related to what happened to a man at Onitsha Shoprite ,

The man got messed up and melted when his girlfriend who he thought loves him much turned down his marriage proposal in public.

The man was dumbfounded when his girlfriend looked straight to his eyes and said”No” to his proposal

Watch the video below to see how it happened:-


From your own view,Do you think the girl has no love for the guy before the day he proposed ?


Would it be the girl wasn’t ready for marriage before the guy proposed ?

We wait to hear from you.

Drop your opinion in the comment box below!




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