Wife Files For Divorce Over Husband’s Big D*ck (See Photo)

Wife Files For Divorce Over Husband’s Big D*ck (See Photo)

Leaked court document shows how woman files for divorce over husband’s huge manhood in zamfara state

While some women are leaving their marriages on the basis of claims that their husbands have small manhood and cannot satisfy them, others are also running for their lives because of outrageous joystick size and length.

A leaked document bearing the letterhead of Nigeria’s Zamfara state judiciary has revealed how a fed-up woman ran to the High Sharia Court to seek divorce on the basis that her husband has too big and long manhood for her strength.

In a letter dated June 18 2019, the court invited a Urologists to ostensibly examine the joystick of the woman’s husband to enable it come to a determination on the divorce case.

See more information on the document below:

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